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Duration: You will need to be able to work for us for a minimum of four weeks full time, we would prefer longer placements.

About us: One of London’s most exciting contemporary art and photography galleries, we are a fresh, young and motivated company.

Your job: The placements available are for full time, unpaid, voluntary work: Your job will be hard and sometimes boring, but often fun and rewarding. You will be involved in all sorts of tasks, from sending out invitations to keeping our databases up to date, through to press/PR work or helping out at the glamorous private view nights. Depending on when you work for us you may also be involved with a marketing campaign, or spying on the opposition by checking out their new exhibitions.

This job is challenging and hard work. However it will offer you a unique opportunity to gain hand-on experience both of working in a gallery and the art world in general. It will also be a vital addition to your CV if you apply for a job within the art market. We are proud of the number of people who we have helped to gain jobs through the quality of our references.

You: You must be highly motivated, intelligent, diligent and quick-thinking. The demands made on you will be highly varied. Computer and typing skills would be an advantage. We would prefer applications from arts students. A sense of humour is vital!

Dates: We need people at all times, though obviously more people apply during holiday periods, so we are particularly interested in people who can work during non-holiday periods.

Pay: We buy the drinks!

Applications: Please send or e-mail your CV and covering letter stating precisely when you are available to work to



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