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Photography Links The Falsten Partnership has been established since 1993, situated in North London, our mission is to seek out high quality image magazines in the field of photography.
Bjponline BJP Online is the web edition of the British Journal of Photography with hundreds of pages of info for the professional photographer
The Picture Research Association (PRA)

is a professional organisation for picture researchers, picture editors, and anyone specifically involved in the research, management and supply of visual material to the media industry.


is the UK organisation for picture libraries and photographic agencies. Its members range from individual photographers and small specialist collections to large international stock agencies.

Press gazette online
is an online newspaper with links to jobs, and useful resources.  

The business of editorial photography, copyright, fees, terms & conditions, contracts.

Camera lucida for sale by mail order, a modern version of this artists' aid to fast, accurate and realistic drawing and painting. Price £49 plus postage (£4.30 United Kingdom) This optical instrument uses mirrors to enable the user to view a virtual image of the scene in front as if it were already a picture on the drawing paper. Royalty Free stock library Image100 are a leading Royalty Free stock library that specialises in producing 'off-the-wall' shots which really do make a statement.

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