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Artshole is the UKs largest online art galleries with over 1500 artist profiles and attracting over 300,000 visitors monthly.
Our year-round art exhibitions and promotions reach millions of artists and creatives in the UK and worldwide. For more information about how you can benefit from a relationship with artshole through sponsoring or other activities on a local, regional or national level, please contact

We need your support to secure artsholes long-term future and to help us continue to experiment with new ways of presenting contemporary art, to take risks on young, unknown artists and to engage new audiences.

Would you like to participate and support artsholes programme and its future development? If so, there are many different ways to get involved and join in partnership with artshole to deliver its groundbreaking and innovative projects to its diverse audiences.
You can support the overall programme with a contribution, big or small, or you can support specific projects. Below are the areas where sponsors can help.

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If you would like more information or are interested in sponsoring us then please contact:

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First Colour printing service in in central London Westminster, Covent Garden and West End. Services include litho printing, digital services, copying & binding, posters & banners and graphic design.    

If you are interested in uploading your own gallery to artshole please contact >>>