Paul Normansell

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Artist's Statement

The foundation of my work originates from the relationship between Art and Music. I wanted to create a link between colour, shape and sound. My abstract paintings were based on colour studies exploring how colours can stimulate feelings and emotions within a person, and the different meaning each colour has, and its power to evoke a certain response from the viewer. From experimenting with colour my paintings became more illusional. I tried to create the illusion of movement, stimulating the eye into seeing things which may or may not be there, almost like a magic-eye image. Each painting is individual, painted in gloss onto aluminium or board. Each dot is painted freehand using a brush. I use gloss paint and aluminium for their reflective qualities and find it helps to enhance the optical effect of my work. The natural progression of my work led me to incorporate images within the dots. I then began to experiment with imagery and to create dot portraits. I wanted to paint famous icons known for their beauty. The images I work from help me to create a perfect likeness and because of the perfect and plastic like finish of gloss and the meticulous execution, the paintings depict a flawless image the same way the media create an image of the icon. The images also work on an optical level. As you look at the image directly the variety and definition of colour and tone is lost and the portrait almost becomes a silhouette. It's only when you stand off centre the image comes alive and the portrait appears.
Following this I became interested in fashion images and began to focus on certain areas of the figure. Through exploring the optical aspect of the portrait I wanted to focus more on colour again. The figurative work has a pop art influence with vibrant colours and stylistic approach. Parts of the figure are still painted in dots usually the make-up and jewellery. This is to enhance certain areas and to create a balance of flat painted areas with the raised areas of the dots.

Paul Normansell

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