Shampa Das

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Artist Statement

My earlier works have always revolved around nature and forms, creating a scintillating symphony.
The recent series of works objectify my vivid impressions of my journey to Leh/ Ladhak.
The stark landscape is induced with bright yellow, turquoise blue, red and green. These colours are unfinished, mystical and create an atmosphere of total silence.

Almost like my experience of the land that makes you feel as if you are all alone in this world, in another planet and gives you a spiritual high. The images of the monks, prayer flags, the dark ancient Gompas, the ancient ruins, the solitude of the mountains, are some of the elements that I have tried to capture. These images and colours appear as if they are caught in a dream, which gives you an image of the world around us in a fresh light. In this pure environment the most simple objects acquires the delightful shades of nature, devoid of any complexity, bringing you closer to God.

Shampa Das

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