Simon P Laurent

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Artist Statement

The digital production I consider cannot and doesn't have to be conceived as a single pure media. Unlike artists who work exclusively on and through the Web the following works exist out of the digital system they originally come from.
First, I try to suggest a virtual and augmented naturalistic reality which refers to the beginnings of photography ( esthetics of the Pictorialism ) and which at the same time reveals a contemporary idea of our environment where disorder sometimes dominates... Inondations, storms, hurricanes. We are partly responsible for all these unsettled states.

Technically speaking, the event which took place isn't anymore something which " has been " but something which "will be". The key point is that there's always a kind of flash forward (wait and see what's possible to do after the shooting ) and then a flash back to our familiar environment.... That's why why we can speak about a realistic anticipation.
For example, this is what happened on my first work, which is the result of several journeys in Sologne and Brittany: I was stuck by a feeling of calm and serenity which radiated from these landscapes.
However, they were only illusions. A bird from time to time, wind in the trees. I had the strange impression that the landscapes looked the same to me: it was also possible to easily get lost in the captivating loops of the rivers. Then I chose to treat these landscapes as collages to convey the feeling of disorder... How to make these illusions reappear... The pictures could be easily superimposed (the two rivers # 2): Nature was sublimated. After, the calm and the serenity found themselves treated separately, in different contexts: "
The Pool " : it was a single event : Catching the landscape's quintessence (unicity, a way to reveal what Walter Benjamin called "
the aura " ) was more important than thinking about the factors of appropriation and expansion (multiplicity, what becomes " the aura "
if you consider that kind of digital processing and moreover when there's this sort of collages ) : A pool and a boat were there, right under my eyes, the wind didn't blow. On the other hand, the violence was based on a single event: the sea which breaks out refers directly to environments of the end of the 19th century. This same violence provides a contrast with the icy beauty of "The sea and the castle"
and of "Our silver lake '".

"Where is the sun " was released in april 2006 Beyond the purely formal apect (absence of light in some scenes), this work bears my
ownhallmarks: like the ebb and flow of the sea, my heart always weighed in between somewhere peace and fury. Last year, I never really saw the light. Nature was being ransacked right before our eyes. These houses and shelters being destroyed ( Our little house), Death which carries us off (The forest and the death: meeting between an apocalyptic atmosphere and a mourning .) The last photograph foreshadows the following work: "with tired eyes, we need a mask" more his autobiographical value than its aesthetics.

Simon P Laurent

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